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AVIO Receives Oracle Partner Achievement Award in Mobility for 2016

Aug 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

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Oracle Partner Achievement Mobility 2016

AVIO Consulting was recently awarded the North America Partner Outstanding Achievement Award in Mobility by Oracle. We know we have an extremely talented team at AVIO, but it is especially nice when we get external validation. There are thousands of Oracle partners so being one of the elite few who received an Outstanding Achievement Award is flattering.

“We’d like thank Oracle for recognizing AVIO with the North America Partner Outstanding Achievement Award in Mobility,” said Gary Buffington, Executive Vice President of AVIO’s Oracle practice. “Being recognized as the top partner in such a critical component of business strategy and execution highlights the strong capabilities of AVIO Consulting. We’re looking forward to strengthening our partnership with Oracle and continuing to help our clients solve their most challenging issues.”

With the increased amount of focus placed on the connected enterprise, AVIO has invested heavily in our focus on mobility. As organizations move towards a tighter focus on the overall customer experience and providing a rich and elegant mobile experience, AVIO has proven to be a thought leader in how to help organizations maximize their investment in Oracle products. Specifically for mobile, the Oracle Mobile Suite has proven to be a strong tool set for organizations wanting to extend their existing Oracle investment to support mobile devices.