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AVIO’s Pace Layered Technology Session at IOUG Collaborate 2014

Apr 2, 2014 | General

The annual Independent Oracle Users Group conference is almost here. If you’re attending, come join our session for a look at how a pace-layered approach to applications will drive innovation and ROI, and improve the relationship between IT and the business.

Many organizations today have enterprise application strategies that don’t meet the needs of business users. They want modern, highly responsive, user-friendly applications—while IT is often preoccupied with costs, safety and trying to minimize integration issues. These misaligned goals often lead to poor investments.

A pace-layered approach delivers more appropriate strategies for applications based upon their system type. Rather than just lumping applications into common categories like CRM or ERP, it requires looking into their unique functions and processes. It also takes into account how business users use the applications and their goals. Are they are happy with the way things are, do they want to do things differently, or are they envisioning something completely new?

In short, a pace-layered strategy more clearly tailors applications to the unique needs of an organization. Combined with an effective governance structure, this approach fosters the kind of collaboration and communication that will cultivate a healthy new partnership between IT and business users.

Session: Creating an App Advantage with a Process Approach

Presenter: Brandon Dean, AVIO Executive Vice President

Date: Thursday, April 10

Time: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Location: Level 3, Murano 3205

Check out the full schedule and event details on the IOUG Collaborate 14 website.