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BPM and SOA: The Perfect Pairing

Mar 18, 2015 | General

Business process management (BPM) helps your company be more effective, efficient, and agile in the highly-competitive, rapidly-evolving business world. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps make IT infrastructures more flexible and versatile while lowering software costs and speeding development with flexible, reusable components.  Knowing that, why wouldn’t you combine BPM and SOA for the best technology solution?

The first major benefits you’ll typically see when you pair BPM and SOA are improved enterprise process efficiency and overall IT performance. On a very basic level, BPM takes existing processes and streamlines them, integrating often disparate human-, document- and system-based processes into a seamless data flow for easier access and utilization.

An integrated BPM/SOA solution enables both business and IT departments to share in the software development and enhancement process while meeting their own specific goals and requirements. As a result the impact on human and technological resources is spread out, easing operational bottlenecks while saving time and money.

Improved business agility is a key integrated BPM/SOA solution benefit. An agile IT environment can help reduce product development cycles and time-to-market while improving customer relationship management (CRM). New applications and IT processes can be quickly implemented and scaled to meet marketplace conditions and customer demands.

A combined BPM/SOA strategy fosters improved employee productivity and effectiveness. Process change and management becomes easier, less technical, and more intuitive, freeing up employees to work on more valuable, strategic projects that can contribute more to the bottom line. Less time will needed for regular software maintenance, management, and improvements.

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