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The Case for Case Management

Feb 13, 2013 | BPM

We’ve talked a lot lately about 2013’s top BPM trends, case management in particular. Of all the new and exciting things we could be talking about though, what makes case management within Oralce BPM so important? Simply put, if BPM is a car, case management will be its future driver. Oracle has begun to focus more attention and roll out additional functionality specific to case management with their BPM Suite. While case management in a BPM context has been around before, with Oracle continuing to invest significantly in BPM 11g to add support complex, event driven processes, collaborative work spaces, and integrated content management, I believe it will be one of the critical components of Oracle BPM adoption over the next year or so.

The goal-oriented functionality case management offers will play an increasingly important part when managing cases in Oracle BPM solutions. As a knowledge-worker directed process solution, case management supports the collaboration, document and record management, operational intelligence and events processing capabilities that most Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions just don’t offer.

Here are a few BPM case management resources (including user case scenarios) you should check out for additional information. 

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