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Display Meaningful Instance Titles in the Process Tracking Tab

Oct 25, 2016 | BPM, Oracle

This is an extract from AVIO’s new Oracle BPM 12c Developer Training and it explains how to show instance titles that are meaningful to the business in the Oracle BPM Workspace’s Process Tracking tab for Oracle BPM and 12c. 

The Process Tracking tab should be one of the Oracle BPM Workspace’s most useful features.  This is where end users in the Workspace can view instance audit trails, determine who and when the various people involved either approved or rejected work items, and it is where process owners can grab an instance in one activity and then move it to another activity in the process.

The primary limitation of the Process Tracking tab has always been that the instances listed have no meaningful business information.  Out of the box, instances are listed as “Instance #(some number) of (process name)”.

Instances listed in the Oracle BPM Process Tracking Tab

As a result, it has been difficult for end users to relate the instances displayed in the Process Tracking tab with the actual work that they need to perform in the process.

This video demonstrates how meaningful business information can now be shown in the titles of the instances shown to help end users do their work.