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An Easy Way to Create a Single-Page ADF Application

Apr 2, 2015 | ADF

Single-page apps are one of those things that is in-vogue, but has been technically-possible for a while now. I have created single-page web apps with ADF, Sharepoint, and using standard web technologies. 

One thing to keep in mind, and one that has caused me some pain, is what you will do if and when the business asks for another page to be added outside of the single-page design. Hopefully, I am guessing you don’t have to use Sharepoint as it’s not all that hard to accommodate additions like this in ADF. With ADF, it is easy to develop a single page application and you are not bound to a contract that keeps you from creating additional content on separate pages. 

Here’s the basic components of my method:

  • Page to hold the dynamic content
  • Content bounded task flow  (with fragments) for each menu item’s UI
  • Managed bean to manage task flows
  • Skinning

I have used this technique in several ADF production apps going back to ADF 10g.

Please watch the video below to see how easy it is to create an SPA with ADF.


If you have any feedback on this technique, let me know.