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Embedding Made in Heaven: Worklistapp Meets Dynamic Tabs UI Shell

Feb 9, 2015 | ADF

If your Fusion Middleware project uses the Human Workflow component and has the requirement of creating an ADF Standalone Application, then it’s only a matter of time until the question is raised. “How can I embed the worklistapp in my ADF Standalone Application?” This question is answered in detail in the Oracle documentation here:


Especifically – Section A.5.1, “Sample 1: Creating an Application with an Embedded Tasklist Task Flow”

Also, I wanted to highlight two blog posts addressing how to emebed the worklist and the workspace by Andrejus Baranovskis:



Note, that the main distinction between the worklistapp and the worspace is that from the workspace you can initiate your BPM processes. But, it is also woth mentioning that the workspace offers additional dashboards.

This blog is about what I consider an Embedding made in Heaven. That is embedding of the worklistapp/workspace inside a tab in Oracle’s Dynamic Tabs UI Shell Template.

The Dynamic Tabs UI Shell has been designed by Oracle usability experts as well as tested thoroughly, maintained, and expanded by Oracle. The UI shell addresses ADF application usability, makes applications feel predictable, and makes the developer productive. Official, very detailed documentation, about the UI Shell is provided here:


Also, I would like to highlight an Oracle Magazine article by Frank Nimphius:


and a video demo by Chris Muir:


Given the existing detailed information on how to embed the worklistapp/worskpace in a custome ADF application and how to use the Dyanmic Tabs UI Shell, this blog post will focus on describing how to embed the worklistapp, especifically the “TaskList” task flow inside a tab in and its corresponding ADF security considerations.


TaskList Task Flow Embedding into Dynamic Tabs UI Shell Configuration:

This section will follow Section A.5.1, “Sample 1: Creating an Application with an Embedded Tasklist Task Flow” already mentioned, but in this case for a page based on the UI Shell.

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper adding task flow jar of BPM Worklist Component library

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper adding task flow jar of BPM Service library

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper adding task flow jar of WSRP Component library

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper creating page based on UI Shell template

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper choosing adflibTaskListTaskFlow from Component Palette

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper drag and drop task lista as region

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper passing task flow parameters

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper adding share library to weblogic-application.xml

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper editing WAR deployment profile and check the previously added 3 libraries

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper configure ADF Security

TODO: Add screenshot of JDeveloper create and deploy EAR

TODO: Add screenshot of the TaskList task flow opened in a tab inside the UI Shell


ADF Security Configuration:

The following blog describes how to configure ADF Security for the Dynamic Tabs UI Shell by Chris Muir:


The key to configure ADF security is to remember to secure, especifically authorize for the required role, the use the Worklistapp resources task flows and web pages. Remember to select the checkbox to show task flows and web pages from ADF libraries so they can show in jazn-data.xml. The following list are the web pages and task flows that need to be authorized:

  1. taskDetail-task-flow-definition
  2. taskList-task-flow-definition
  3. bpmViewList (page definition)
  4. viewList (page definition)



Knowing how to embed the Worklistapp/Workspace into your ADF Standalone application it’s not a matter of if, but of when. Here we have talked about how to embed the Worklistapp into Oracle’s Dyanmic Tabs UI Shell. Additionally, we have covered the security consideration of such an embedding. Finally, I would like to add the embedding of the worklistapp/workspace described in this post to be part of the bootstrapping blueprint for ADF standalone application idea I shared in an earlier blog post(add link to bootstrapping blueprint).









TODO: Add link to my earlier blog post about bootstrapping blueprint