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Ensure Future BPM Success with a Center of Excellence

Dec 20, 2013 | General

You might have Business Process Management (BPM) nailed down to a T. Maybe you’re a BPM master chef or a BPM whisperer. But if your staff isn’t prepared for the future, each year will bring new challenges that are increasingly difficult to resolve. Your team needs the right knowledge, training and resources to succeed.

So what’s a BPM whiz to do?

Taking into account BPM’s growing importance—a 2013 analyst survey found four of the six top priorities relate to BPM—it makes more sense now than ever for businesses to have a governing body such as a Center of Excellence (CoE) for BPM initiatives. A CoE can:

1.    Assist with BPM initiatives and prepare the organization to accept future BPM challenges

2.    Ensure that BPM initiatives are rolled out strategically and consistently

3.    Improve communication significantly—bridging the gap between IT and the business

Just as you understand BPM fundamentals and value, you must now use it to prepare for the challenges you haven’t even imagined yet. In order to do so, the organization itself must transform. Everything from funding to governance to infrastructure must align to accelerate future BPM value across a multitude of diverse projects.

Read A Framework for a BPM Center of Excellence in BPTrends to learn more about the three main capabilities a CoE should have and for ideas on how to establish a CoE framework. Check out our recent newsletter article, The Missing Piece of the Business Process Management Puzzle, to learn more about the value of a CoE.