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Exporting Oracle BAM 12c Data to Excel

Apr 11, 2017 | BAM

I hear regularly from Oracle BAM 12c business users that they need to export the data from their dashboards into Excel.

While I think Oracle BAM 12c is a powerful tool, until recently I did not have a good answer for them.

My standard answer before came out has been to export the raw data object data into a CSV.  

Export data object data into a CSV

Why this has never gone over well

This has never gone over well with business people.  While the business users are given access to dashboards, they are not typically given access to BAM Composer (where the data object data is displayed).  If they have access to BAM Composer, the BAM data object can be opened and its data exported by opening the data object -> clicking the Data tab -> click Export All Rows to CSV.   The problem has been that users find this of little use because the information is not filtered.  All of the data object’s columns are exported, and all of its rows are exported.

New Oracle BAM feature makes exporting to CSV files simple

The good news is that a new feature supports exporting to CSV files directly from a dashboard.  To accomplish this, create a dashboard based on a list view.  As shown below, the user then only has to click the Download icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Export BAM data from a dashboard

The benefit to this is that the only data exported is the filtered data shown on the dashboard, and only the columns and rows the user cares about are exported.