Now more than ever, organizations are having to transition to new ways of working as a result of the on going digital transformation. The rise in demand for mobile applications, cloud-based services, ability for citizen developers to create new applications, and access to real-time data that is meaningful and actionable is driving a tremendous need for organizations to be nimble and responsive. The key underlying component of this disruption is the ability to easily and quickly assemble data, services, and events from disparate systems into something meaningful and beneficial. However, while the digital transformation includes cloud, big data, social, and the Internet of Things, the existing infrastructure and investments made by organizations are not going to go away any time soon. 

Therefore, the organizations that are able to put together and execute a comprehensive strategy that allows for the creation of new applications based on cloud, citizen developer built applications and on-premise, legacy applications will be best positioned to take advantage of the digital transformation revolution. At AVIO Consulting, we have developed a strong reputation based on helping organizations not only identify and create their digital transformation strategy, but significantly decreasing the risk associated with the necessary steps in implementing the digital transformation strategy.