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We Can Enable You To Build Business Apps Quickly Using Low-Code

Sep 30, 2019 | General

Building business applications and scaling them using traditional methods can lead to unexpected time-consuming challenges that low code applications like Appian can solve. There are many ways in which the application building process can impact the business, and that can result in a variety of consequences.


Low-Code Can Solve the Problems Caused by Following Traditional Methods

Low-code focuses almost exclusively on the requirements without the need to worry about a whole lot of “plumbing” to put those requirements into usable features. For example, one low-code provider, Appian, includes a managed database, built-in task assignment, escalations, and reusable interface components. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming custom development.

Traditional application development requires additional resources to support development. In addition to maintaining a codebase, the proper infrastructure needs to be in place, and critical components like security must be accounted for. This impacts the speed of delivering an application. Since low-code applications include a managed infrastructure, development time and the number of resources required to complete a project is significantly less than a traditional application.

Since low code platforms provide a framework to build apps based on business requirements, low code enables you to efficiently build more apps in less time, thereby decreasing costs. Using low-code for application development also reduces hiring costs by minimizing the need for more developers.

Read about all the benefits of low-code here.


Low-Code and the Appian Cloud Solution

Appian allows you to build apps efficiently for scaling or accommodating additional demand. With the Appian cloud platform, you can have a fully managed infrastructure to build out your low-code applications. Appian is one of the leaders in the low-code marketplace, and they have one of the most full-fledged solutions.

Appian can transform your business by providing a drag-n-drop interface that allows applications to be built quickly and without development complexity. Integrations are also as easy as filling a few fields and pressing go.


AVIO Can Realize the Benefits of Low-Code and Appian Cloud Solution in the Following Ways

1. A Rich Process Background

AVIO has a lot of experience in BPM type engagements; this experience allows us to make decisions quickly. We can help existing companies modify their processes and make them more efficient.

Here are some real-life applications/examples of AVIO’s BPM background

  • For a private bank loan process: AVIO can help improve highly specific loan review processes via the management and optimization of the overall process. This results in improved turnaround time, enhances visibility to the customer relationship managers and increases capacity without additional expense
  • For the Oil & Gas – Regulatory Compliance Process: The Oil and Gas industry has regulations that change often and require Oil & Gas companies to adapt and comply. With AVIO’s solution for regulatory compliance, organizations can manage and adapt to the ever-changing regulations quickly and effectively.
  • For Accounts Payable (AP) Processing for Healthcare: High-volume AP processing, organizing, vouchering, and exception processing can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. AVIO standardizes vendor invoice approval and exception processing by eliminating the paper chase to provide quick and easy access to content from your ERP system.


2. A Strong Presence Within MuleSoft

We were a partner of the year for MuleSoft. We are highly experienced with MuleSoft and this expertise lays the foundation for building a low-code application.


3. Quickly Build and Scale New Applications Using the Combined Appian-MuleSoft Capabilities

Appian works together with MuleSoft with Appian powering the front-end and MuleSoft the back-end. At the back-end, MuleSoft components can unify an enterprise’s API infrastructure into a consistent format. Appian serves as front-end consumer of these unified APIs and without the need to create every aspect from scratch, it speeds up the whole development process.

Sometimes it takes longer for the business-side of an organization to come up with the requirements than it takes us to build all these integrations. We have it down to a science, for some clients, we can complete the process in 2-3 days.

Scaling a new application can be done by AVIO while leveraging the APIs that MuleSoft has provided.

Because of the ability to quickly build and scale new applications, in the future, low-code is going to be the primary software development platform. In fact, by 2020, 75% of all applications will use a low-code platform.

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