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Improve Your App Usability By Keeping It Simple

Oct 31, 2017 | Other

In the frame of building a massive web app for our clients, we may lose the focus on what’s really important. As developers, we use to think that the users will read the entire page and then evaluate where do they want to go. But it is a fact of life is that users don’t read the entire page in front of them, they run a quick scan and the first reasonable option that they will see, they will make the click. That’s why we need to make the pages in an intuitive way.

These 6 tips will help you build a strong page:


#1 Follow the conventions

One of the best ways to make almost everything easier is to follow the conventions. In the past 10 years many conventions raised for web pages, as users we expect certain things when we enter to a web page.

For instance, where things will be located on a page, users expect the logo identifying the site to be in the top left corner and the primary navigation bar to be across the top or on the left side.

Also, we are used to seeing how things work on most pages and we think all pages should behave the same.

For instance, when we enter to a place where they sell products we always expect the concepts of the cart to add our desired products and the form where you will upload your payment method.


#2 Add visual hierarchies

Another important advice to make pages easy to scan is to make relations between the things on your page:

  • which things are most important.
  • which ones are similar and which things are part of other things.

visual hierachies



#3 Break up pages into clearly defined areas

Dividing the page into clearly defined areas is important because it allows users to decide quickly which areas of the page to focus and which areas they can safely ignore.

clearly defined areas


#4 Make obvious what’s clickable

Since a large part of what people are doing on the web is looking for the next thing to click, it is important to make it easy to tell what’s clickable.

obvious clickables


#5 Omit needless words

Get rid of all the needless words around your application, if you have to explain too much then you are not being simple enough.


#6 How’s the navigation in your app?

Wherever you are in your application you should be able to answer the following questions by seeing the elements on the page:

  • What application is it?
  • In which section am I on?
  • Where can I go from here?
  • Which are the main sections of this application?