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Introducing the New Oracle BAM 12c Composer

Jul 8, 2014 | BAM, Oracle

With the latest release of Oracle BAM 12c (12.1.3), Oracle has completely redesigned the user interface (UI).  This is the first post in a four part series of posts where I will give you brief overviews of these changes and hopefully provide you with some insight into the redesign and how to navigate within the new UI.

Logging In & Web Browser Options

The first thing you will notice with Oracle BAM 12c is the URL to access the UI has changed:

With Oracle BAM 11g you would have used the following to access the UI:

Now, with Oracle BAM 12c you use the following to access the UI:

With this change you now have some consistency with how you access the other Composers within the Fusion Middleware suite, such as the BPM Composer.

Another enhancement you may notice at this time is the support for multiple browsers.  With Oracle BAM 11g you were restricted to Internet Explorer, but with Oracle BAM 12c you now have the option to use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.


New UI & Main Pages

Once you’ve logged into the BAM Composer, you will notice the drastic changes when compared to the Oracle BAM 11g UI.

The first thing I want to point out is the new top-level main pages, in the center of the top banner.

The BAM Composer has been organized into three main pages and these pages will correspond to the four BAM user roles that have been defined within Oracle BAM 12c.

  • Home
    • BAM User Role – Viewer
      • View Dashboards
      • Input parameter values
      • Receive Alerts
      • View history of alerts
    • This page replaces the Active Viewer section in Oracle BAM 11g

  • Administrator
    • BAM User Role – Architect
      • Create and manage the BAM data objects
      • Configure Enterprise Message Sources
      • Utilize the data simulators
      • Utilize the BAM web services
    • BAM User Role – Administrator
      • Can perform all functions of the other roles
      • Monitor continuous queries and viewsets
      • Configure BAM settings and availability
      • Configure BAM diagnostics and security
      • Utilize BAM scripts
      • Manage projects and project entities
    • This pages replaces both the Architect and Administrator sections in Oracle BAM 11g

  • Designer
    • BAM User Role – Creator
      • Can perform all functions of the Viewer role
      • Create projects and associate existing data objects to projects
      • Create queries and KPIs
      • Create the business views, dashboards, alerts and parameters
    • This page replaces the Active Studio section in Oracle BAM 11g

Panes & Preferences

On many of the pages within the BAM Composer, there are panes that can be expanded or collapsed to provide more room for other parts of the screen.  These panes can be vertical or horizontal and are utilized by clicking on the following icons.

The final topic I will cover in this post is how to set a few preferences within the BAM Composer.  In the top banner you will see a link for preferences.

From here you can set your preferences for language, time zone and accessibility options.

In the next three posts in this series I will cover each page (Home, Administrator and Designer) in greater depth and provide you with further insight into each of the pages functions, navigations and uses.