AVIO Consulting is a proud member of the Oracle Pillar and Top Partner programs. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Oracle Top Partners 2013 event this past August. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived but by the end of the event I left excited and looking forward to the SOA/BPM 12c releases coming at some point in 2014.

The Top Partners event covered a number of notable points concerning Oracle’s vision and software direction going forward. Most notably:

  • Fast data – The push to allow clients/users to have faster insight as events or processing occurs.
  • Mobile Accessibility – Providing clients/users with the ability to take immediate action upon data as it is generated no matter where a person may be.

The idea is that as people and/or systems generate events and data, the information created should be readily available to those interested, and those interested should be able to immediately act upon such information. Tying together the processing of events, the making of information immediately available, and providing the ability to act on the information no matter where a person is, all seem to be the way of the future and the road that Oracle is on.

Oracle’s SOA and BPM products are part of Oracle’s fast data and mobile vision.   The 12c initiative will bring about many enhancements and features for SOA and BPM to help capitalize on fast data and mobile accessibility. Oracle knows that their SOA and BPM products are so good at what they do that Oracle can easily leverage their existing SOA and BPM platforms for fast data and mobile accessibility instead of inventing separate products/platforms.  Here are some things to know about Oracle’s approach:

  • The existing SOA platform features will be leveraged
  • The SOA platform will be enhanced with more RESTful service capabilities and additional enhancements
  • BPM will drive the business processes
  • BPM will continue to help companies tie together people, technology, and information across an enterprise
  • More adapters are coming for BPM to utilize
  • Existing adapters will be improved upon
  • ADF Mobile is on the way
  • ADF Mobile will build mobile web features implicitly into ADF and will provide a much enhanced mobile user experience
  • BPM processes will be able to incorporate ADF Mobile immediately, with no more effort than what a BPM ADF taskflow needs today

Additionally, I am very excited about the SOA and BPM 12c focus to enhance the development experience for the SOA and BPM development community.

  • Adapters, wizards, and development utility functionality have all been enhanced
  • Feedback on less intuitive features and functionality has been taken into consideration and improvements have been incorporated
  • Single click downloading and installation of products have become a goal
  • Incorporation of OSB into Jdeveloper is coming
  • The ability to run BPM 12c in the Jdeveloper integrated server environment is on the way
  • The list goes on to include much more

With the combination of Oracle’s upcoming fast data, mobile approach, and the new SOA/BPM 12c features, there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation around the 12c release. I know I’m looking forward to the near future when Oracle SOA and BPM 12c are available.