A major automobile manufacturer sought to bring consistency and uniformity to their process management across all of their U.S facilities.

Our Client’s Needs

As they prepared to open a new American manufacturing facility, our client needed to match its processes to those already in place at their other American plants. The existing processes, however, were modeled and documented inconsistently from one facility to another, and often with different tools. With no templates or best practices in place, they lacked the definitions necessary to govern standardization. Moreover,  their IT department was short on the experience and capacity needed to install, configure, and maintain a BPM platform.

Our Solution

We began by hosting and managing Oracle Process Composer for them on Amazon Web Services. Not only did this relieve them of the burden of managing their own platform, but it allowed their numerous, geographically scattered users to all access the same process models online.

After training twenty-five of their key personnel during first two months of the project, we spent the following several months working closely with them, facilitating process decomposition and design, and demonstrating appropriate documentation. Together we created a standard set of tools and icons, as well as templates and best practices, to ensure and simplify consistency.

Business Impact

By helping them establish standards, and by working with them to conform their existing processes to them, we enabled our client to create uniform and consistent process models for all of their U.S. locations. 

With a uniform set of manufacturing processes in place, mirroring them at the new facility became simple and straightforward. And with the skill and understanding to implement and manage future processes accordingly, our client can now ensure process management consistency moving forward.

The benefits of their increased agility were apparent even before the new facility had opened. After successfully meeting their go-live deadline for the new plant, they offered us this feedback about how crucially we had helped: Meeting the opening deadline for the new plant, they said, would simply have been impossible without our process solution in place.