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Master Data Management helps food manufacturer manage incredibly complex data flow

Feb 25, 2022 | Case Studies

The client is an American packaged foods company, which makes and sells products under various brand names that are available in supermarkets, restaurants, and food service establishments nationwide.

Data integrity is especially important to the company because they are committed to a zero-defect culture throughout their supply chain, from sourcing through delivery to their customers and final consumers. They have dedicated teams who identify trends for quality improvements through constant data analysis of all customer and consumer contacts.

The client is also actively engaged with initiatives to enhance supply chain efficiencies, improve product information, and establish a foundation for food safety and traceability. Clear, dependable, organized data is an absolute must for them.

The challenge

Due to the nature of their operations, the client struggled synchronizing data related to vendors, clients, and items across several systems, including:

  • PiLog
  • EnterWorks
  • PLM
  • SAP

They also had to manage the complex flow of data from engineering systems of record (SORs) such as EnterWorks and PLM to financial systems like SAP and then from SAP back to the SORs.

The client also wanted to better utilize data for their go-to-market strategies.

The solution

AVIO helped our client to develop and implement a Master Data Management (MDM) initiative because it ensures consistent and accurate data across an enterprise’s multiple domains where data lives and is used. MDM facilities informed and data-driven decisions, making it essential to any modern business. Other business benefits of MDM are ensuring there is no duplicate data, that there is an identified system of record, and that changes in data are propagated to the various other systems dependent on that data.

Having decided on this, AVIO developed APIs focused on MDM and the synchronization of data across the client’s complex environment.

MuleSoft supports MDM in several ways:

  • It helps connect different assets easily through pre-built connectors to common applications
  • An API-led approach enables the business to reuse APIs for multiple systems
  • It supports a flow of data from SORs to dependent systems

In addition to building the integrations, AVIO enabled the client’s development team to become more proficient in MuleSoft and utilize a modern integration approach.


After implementing MDM through MuleSoft, the client has improved the consistency of data throughout their application network. This saves time both by reducing data entry as well as the errors that unnecessary data entry produces.

There are many applications in development that will seamlessly manage information related to 50,000 materials processed with 400,000 different vendors.

The client expects to push about 50,000 individual products through the APIs built by AVIO.

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