AVIO Consulting helped an established headwear manufacturer implement an API- based integration solution to modernize the transfer and processing of orders from online portals into their ERP.

The solution automated and introduced scalability to a formerly manual process that had impeded their growth. Data entry errors were eliminated, and processing was streamlined.

Having trusted AVIO to help connect their order entry process, the company:

  • Realized a 98% speed increase in order entry and processing

  • Has a scalable integration platform in place to accommodate unlimited growth

  • Built a foundation for greater agility with the principles of API-led connectivity

The Challenge

The company had identified a number of growth opportunities, but a key operational inefficiency kept them from growing.

Lacking effective integration between their backend ERP and the three web storefronts they serviced, they relied on a manual transcription of order data from the system of origin into their ERP. Not only did this introduce human error, but it meant that any volume increase necessarily entailed a corresponding man-hour increase.

Digital opportunity demanded a digital response—automated, to eliminate entry errors and increase efficiency, and scalable, to accommodate growth without adding people.

The Solution

AVIO leveraged the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to create process- and system-layer APIs to automate the entry of online orders into the ERP and orchestrate subsequent processing.

The process APIs accept order data from various web stores. These process APIs then call system APIs, which
execute the creation, updating, and fulfillment of orders
in the client’s back-office ERP.

System APIs return status data to the online order portal to close the loop by delivering current and accurate order status data to the customer.

How We Helped

In immediate terms, the implementation enabled Outdoor Cap to handle their existing volume more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Order entry errors have been eliminated

  • Orders are entered and processed 98% more quickly

    With a scalable, automated solution in place, they are equipped to handle immediate growth.

  • Began in short order pursuing existing growth opportunities

  • Are poised and prepared for ongoing growth into the future

In the big picture, they have increased their agility and progressed meaningfully toward digital maturity.

  • A composable set of reusable API assets will simplify and speed future development, increasing their responsiveness to changing customer preferences and potential market disruptions.

  • Flexible, modern integration platform simplifies collaboration and supports innovation

    Outdoor Cap is better adapted today and more adaptable in the future to the opportunities and demands of the digital market.