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Design, Develop, Deploy, and Manage APIs with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

Apr 28, 2022 | API Strategy, MuleSoft

Why choose MuleSoft for your API Management? 

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a unified integration platform offering a holistic approach to API design, development, and management in a cloud-based environment. The MuleSoft ecosystem nurtures collaboration, improves productivity, creates reusable integration assets, and increases efficiency across your entire organization.


Redefining APIs

Modern APIs have evolved to utilize popular standards such as REST over HTTP and focus on increasing developer productivity, implementing system modernization, and increasing consumption among a broader range of audiences. 

Unlike the APIs of the past, modern APIs can be treated like products that can be versioned, documented, and reused, giving developers an indication of their lifecycle and maintenance requirements. Organizations can also monetize APIs for revenue generation and enter the “API economy” which comprises a diverse user base of developers, partners, and customers.

What Can Modern APIs Do?

Today’s APIs provide a catalyst for digital transformation (or evolution). API-led connectivity transforms business operations by unlocking the power of data to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and provide better security.

Modern APIs can:

  • Integrate with different systems
  • Implement or enhance functionality
  • Speed up the software delivery timeline
  • Become reusable assets
  • Share data with internal business users, partners, or customers
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Improve governance and security

Benefits of MuleSoft: Develop, Deploy, Manage, and Reuse APIs in a Unified, Secured Environment

Welcome to the future of API management. MuleSoft’s collaborative environment gives you the tools to design, create, document, and manage API connections in a secure enterprise and multi-cloud environment. Control access, collect data, and analyze usage statistics, so you know what’s happening — right now.

See the specifics of what MuleSoft Anypoint can do.

Design and build APIs quickly, and reuse existing assets on a web interface or desktop IDE.

Anypoint Studio gives you the tools you need to  transform data automatically, test APIs and integrations, and plug enterprise integrations like Salesforce into CI/CD pipelines with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins.


Quickly deploy to the cloud and on-premises with Mule

A lightweight, scalable runtime engine for APIs, integrations, and microservices. Deploy into Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Azure, or on-premise systems using Anypoint Runtime Fabric. 


Gain critical insights with real-time visibility on a single, unified interface that enables you to govern APIs and integrations.

See what’s really happening with real-time data that ensures you understand the health of your application network, complete with full lifecycle API management and enterprise integration governance.


Accelerate development speed with prebuilt APIs, templates, connectors, and examples.

Anypoint Exchange contains prebuilt assets contributed by the MuleSoft ecosystem. These connectors, templates, examples, and APIs will help you jumpstart projects and ensure you’re implementing best practices.

MuleSoft Redefines API Management

Developers understand API management is a multi-faceted process. MuleSoft Anypoint serves their needs by delivering a unified environment that includes the following items.

API Design

MuleSoft’s API Design Center provides an environment for credentialed users to design APIs, compose integration flows, and build connectors. Additional features include the ability to record information such as documentation, security policies, descriptions, usage limits, and runtime capabilities. 


API Gateway

MuleSoft’s API management solutions serve as an API gateway that enforces API security policies and requests, in addition to enforcing security and granting authorization.


API Store

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange is a collaborative marketplace that gives your developers intuitive tools to catalog their APIs, share them with stakeholders, subscribe to other APIs, obtain support from the Anypoint API community, and collaborate on shared projects.


API Analytics

MuleSoft’s API management solutions track API usage, load, transaction logs, historical data, and other metrics to give users insights into the status and success of APIs on the platform.

Integrated API Management Accelerates Your Evolution

Experience intuitive tools that increase development time, improve communication, and organize workflows efficiently. Anypoint API Management gives you the power to complete initiatives with more efficiency and productivity than ever before. 

Here are some more perks of these tools: 

  • Easy scalability
  • Lifecycle collaboration
  • Interactive feedback during development
  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Enhanced security


Design Great APIs That Inspire Developers and Ensure Widespread Adoption

Anypoint gives you the tools to facilitate close collaboration between APIs and app developers throughout their entire lifecycle. RAML tooling provides an onramp for API developers to design RESTful APIs quickly using expressive, intuitive language. Once completed, other developers can interact and test them, in addition to providing feedback and documenting potential use cases — all in an intuitive, unified design environment.


Take your APIs from concept to reality in record time

Leverage MuleSoft’s proven, trusted runtime to rapidly build APIs once they are designed. Protect them from unauthorized access while ensuring they perform and scale effectively to support your growing community of app developers.


Drive API engagement

Jumpstart digital initiatives and rapidly engage the developer community by creating and publishing interactive documentation and code samples. Get the community engaged with your API immediately with easy-to-understand RAML tooling, giving them the opportunity to document use cases and add value.


Manage and monitor APIs easily

Anypoint’s management platform delivers the tools you need to effectively manage and monitor APIs, and the developers that use and interact with them. Create contracts with API consumers to control access, establish SLAs, or throttle calls to API endpoints. Choose from pre-packaged policy templates, or create your own to manage compliance, security, and quality of service. Easily monitor usage, compliance with SLAs, and overall API performance with customizable dashboard analytics.


Harnessing the Power of APIs Through MuleSoft

Companies who implement MuleSoft can expect to see an increase in productivity, faster time to market, and lower operational costs. There are countless success stories of clients utilizing the power of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to design, develop, and manage reusable APIs. For example, many companies come to AVIO because their legacy systems are holding key data and they cannot access that data in modern ways.

For these clients, AVIO’s experts often recommend using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform for reusable and discoverable APIs or pre-built connectors to enable adaptable solutions that can address frequently changing business needs.  To learn more, check out AVIO’s case study, “Digital Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry”. 

Ready to learn how MuleSoft’s APIs can evolve your business? Contact us for a free one hour review with one of AVIO’s senior technical team members.