AVIO Consulting

MuleSoft API Workshop Happy Hour

Feb 16, 2016 | MuleSoft

AVIO Consulting is excited to sponsor a happy hour after the MuleSoft API Workshop in Dallas, Texas on February 23. The API workshop is specifically designed for architects and developers to gain hands on experience with the MuleSoft AnyPoint platform. With a full day of labs, each attending Muley will end up with relevant examples and best practices to use going forward.

Labs will cover topics such as:

  • Using the AnyPoint Platform for API-led connectivity
  • Design, deploy, and manage public and private APIs in a design first approach
  • Using APIs to enable legacy service orchestration
  • Evaluating on premise and cloud deployment options using MuleSoft’s CloudHub

MuleSoft has created a great infographic that highlights why using a design first approach for integration is no longer something that is nice to have. With the increasing use of mobile devices, separating APIs into user experience, process, and integration segments is required to accelerate development and keep up with the pace of change. 

Our partnership with MuleSoft was created in large part because of our similar philosophies. AVIO is commited to enabling our clients to get the right data to the right person at the right time. When all three of those come together correctly, businesses are able to take advantage of new opportunities, change quickly, and better manage their processes all while leveraging their existing investments. AVIO Consulting and MuleSoft can help you take the lessons learned in this API workshop and accelerate your solution delivery in this brave new world of digital transformation. 

We’re looking forward to meeting those attending! For additional information on the workshop, please contact us for the registration details.