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Part 3 – Oracle BPM 12c Process Invoke Database

May 2, 2017 | Oracle

This is the third in a series of 5 blogs that shows how to expose a database to an Oracle BPM 12c Process using the Oracle SOA Database Adapter.  In this blog, the Database Adapter’s Outbound connection pool created in part 2 of this series is configured to include the data source’s JNDI name created in part 1 of this series.

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Part 2 – Configure the Database Adapter’s Outbound Connection Pool

Part 3 – Configure the Database Adapter’s JNDI Connection to the Database

Part 4 – Create a SOA Composite Project to Invoke the Database Adapter through a Mediator

Part 5 – Invoke the Service Exposed from a Process in the BPM Composite Project

Part 3 – Configure the Database Adapter’s JNDI Connection to the Database

If the Database Adapter’s “Outbound Connection Pools” tab is not visible from part 2 of this series, open it now from the Administration Console selecting Deployments -> DbAdapter -> click the Configuration tab -> click the Outbound Connection Pools tab.

Expand  javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory once again -> click the new eis/DB/HR connection that was just created in part 2 of this series.

Select the Outbound Connection

Click in the “xADataSourceName” field ->  enter the same text you entered when you were originally creating and configuring the datasource to the underlying database schema in part 1 of this series (jdbc/hr in this example).

xADataSourceName field database name

Be careful here.  There is a trick to getting this text to be saved.  After entering the text, be sure to hit the Enter key. If you fail to do this, the text you just entered will not be saved in the xADataSourceName field.

Double check to ensure that the xADataSourceName field has stored the correct value ->  click the Save button.

Enter the datasource name

Notice the message at  the top. 

Confirmation that changes are activatedTo update the deployment plan, click Deployments (1 below) -> click the checkbox beside DbAdapter (2)  ->   click the Update button (3).

Update the Deployment

Click Next (assuming you don’t need to change the deployment profile) ->  click Finish.  Having done this, your JNDI connection should now be ready to use.

Database Adapter Deployed Successfully

The Database Adapter is now ready to access the HR database schema.  In part 4 of this series, this adapter will be added to a SOA Composite and exposed through a Mediator.