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PeopleSoft Capital Expenditure Request Process

Jun 10, 2016 | Case Studies, Videos

AVIO has created the Capital Expenditure Request process accelerator in order to assist organizations using PeopleSoft to have a more comprehensive capability around budgeting and tracking of capital expenditures.

The CER process enables organizations to have better visibility into the financial health of their projects, ensured compliance with business policies, and allowed real time comparison between PeopleSoft actuals and the approved CER amounts.  

In addition, by enabling access via both desktop and mobile devices, executives and managers had access to approve and reject a CER at from anywhere.

This video provides a quick overview of the Capital Expenditure Request (CER) process accelerator.

It highlights features within the accelerators such as budgeting, requesting, approving, reporting and reconciling.

The process underlying the solution is built using a combination of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite while the UI is built using Oracle ADF.


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