July 1 2014
I am hearing from customers recently going through our Oracle BPM training that they are less than thrilled with the new feature that came in with where the end user will approve a work item and then the UI for next work item in the list is then automatically displayed.
It turns out that you only have to change the outcome values for three of the ADF form's task flow.  Only the task-flow-returns with the ids "previousTaskFlow", "nextTaskFlow" and "taskFlowCompleted" task-flow-return's shown below need to be set to "done". 

A couple caveats: 

  • Customers will have to do this for every task flow that was automatically created using PS6.
  • Customers with projects that had their task flows automatically created originally in patchsets prior to PS6 will notice instances behave differently in the Workspace than the ones that created using PS6 OOTB.


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Dan Atwood

Dan has more than sixteen years of experience in all phases of design, development, and implementation of software applications using BPM. He has developed Oracle BPM, BAM, business rule and integration solutions for financial services, insurance, food cooperative, and telecommunications clients.

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May 28, 2014

This shows how to disable the new feature in that automatically displays the next work item instance in the task list.

May 16, 2016

Thanks for the solution

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