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Private Cloud BPM Has The IT Factor

Jul 29, 2013 | BPM

In the Star Trek universe, cloud computing has been standard practice for decades. Even back in the 60s it was not uncommon for crew members to gather data with portable equipment while on a mission, and then send it to computers aboard the starship Enterprise, hovering above the planet for processing. Today, you don’t need to conduct business on another planet to gain the benefits of cloud-enabled BPM.

Today, many businesses are using private cloud-enabled BPM platforms that serve as the foundation for business process services, or BPM platform as a service (PaaS) to achieve goals. BPM in the cloud offers an array of attractive business benefits. It reduces costs, consolidates applications, standardizes business processes, and improves the business’ control over and management of work.

Early BPM adopter and AVIO client Thomson Reuters successfully implemented BPM as a platform inside a private cloud. As a global provider of information it sought to evolve and merge differing platforms across the organization. By combining a sound platform and business unit process competency with transformational skills like project and change management, Thomson Reuters was able to realize:

  • More internal control over costs, licensing and maintenance
  • Consistency among various content groups and integration types
  • A less complex technology stack with a multi-tenant platform

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