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Rebranding the Oracle BPM 11g Workspace

May 6, 2011 | BPM

My first thought to customizing the workspace was: “lets just search for the old image and replace it”.  That failed.  I found the image in many places, and none really seemed to be the one I needed. 

I was using firebug (a necessity for web page debugging) and I found that the image location was described in a css file. So I went to work looking for a css file to customize!  Here is what I did to re-brand the workspace!

1.  First you must get a copy of the EAR file that is used by going to the server that SOA is installed.  On my machine, it was located at:


2.  Expand the EAR, and then inside the EAR, expand OracleBPMWorkspace.war

3.  Navigate to css and modify workspace.css, add:

.AFBrandingBarLogo {









4.  Modify loginTemplate.css – The first line, needs to change to:

.AFBrandingBarLogo {background-image:url(“../img/AvioLogo_small.png”);background-position:center center;background-repeat:no-repeat;display:block;height:44px;width:120px;}

5.  Back in OracleBPMWorkspace.war copy in your image (AvioLogo_small.png) to the /img folder.

6.  When you save, your compression tool should update.

7.  Copy the EAR back to your server directory (where you originally found it)

8.  In the console (https://www.avioconsulting.com/:7001/console) go to Deployments

9.  Check the box next to OracleBPMWorkspace and click Update


10.  Log back into the workspace!

New Login Page

New Workspace