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MuleSoft Managed Services Case Study: SRS Distribution

Feb 25, 2022 | Case Studies, MuleSoft

SRS Distribution Inc. consists of a family of industry-leading, independent roofing distributors. When they needed a new integration platform, they turned to AVIO Consulting.

About SRS

While the roofing industry is old as time and very traditional, part of SRS innovation efforts is focused on a mobile application called Roof Hub. Roof Hub delivers information that is useful and matters to SRS customers, such as real-time information on roofing material orders, deliveries, invoices, and more. This information is made available to SRS customers via Roof Hub, making the customer experience faster, enhancing self-service capabilities, and standing out from the competition in the roofing industry.

Roof Hub relies on business assets exposed as APIs. In order to expose those business assets, SRS needed a reliable, performant integration platform. SRS ultimately chose MuleSoft as the mechanism to expose their business assets.

The Challenge

The challenges for SRS were:

  • No existing integration platform was in use, nor did the infrastructure to support one exist
  • A lack of technical knowledge of cloud infrastructure needed to support an integration platform
  • No technical knowledge of MuleSoft or supporting toolsets
  • Lean IT organization with minimum support roles

The Solution

AVIO Consulting was chosen by SRS Distribution as their integration partner to help build and support this new integration platform.

AVIO’s Managed Services enables SRS Distribution IT organizations to focus on bringing innovation into the Roofing Industry. AVIO Managed Services supports the SRS integration platform infrastructure, CI/CD processes, and application monitoring allowing their IT teams to focus on delivering business value.

AVIO’s Managed Services supports SRS’s ongoing focus on innovation through:

  • The creation of a hybrid MuleSoft ecosystem. AWS infrastructure supports Dev, QA, and Prod Mule runtimes in addition to those running in Cloudhub. This has enabled SRS to more efficiently use their Mule licenses.
  • Maintenance of the MuleSoft runtimes including version patching and support patching due to issues raised with MuleSoft.
  • A log aggregation environment for all MuleSoft API logs built on Elastic. This platform includes analytics dashboards and reports that provide a window into how the MuleSoft ecosystem is behaving.
  • The creation and maintenance of a CI/CD environment including Jenkins, pipeline jobs, and artifact repository.
  • Monitoring ecosystem that includes both Infrastructure and fine-grained application monitoring.

The AVIO’s Managed Services team is available to the SRS development team via multiple communications channels, including scheduled meetings, Slack, or tickets created in the ITIL compliant AVIO Service Desk.


The partnership between SRS and AVIO has brought tremendous value to SRS. In their words: “The performance on our API’s skyrocketed.” Another perk they are really enjoying is that “The team never had to bother with infrastructure, so the team could then completely focus on new API development.”


AVIO is a two time MuleSoft Partner of the Year winner, recognized for enabling customers to accelerate their digital transformation and its excellence in project implementation and practice development.