A major financial institution sought AVIO’s help to improve their trade exception handling process while receiving mentorship in the use of a new set of development tools.

Our Client’s Needs:

Our client’s existing system for handling trade exceptions was flawed. Once an exception had occurred, it was routed to the appropriate group for handling. A lack of process visibility, however, made it difficult to monitor how quickly and with what level of priority that was happening. Some exceptions “fell through the cracks” without being addressed, and the corresponding trade then remained unprocessed. The client needed greater process visibility to identify such exceptions and intervene to ensure complete processing.

The client had an established history of building their own solutions exclusively with custom code, but maintaining it had become difficult. They decided to seek help using a set of off-the-shelf development tools to address this problem as a way to wean themselves off custom code.

Our Solution:

We carefully orchestrated the exception routing process in Oracle BPM to ensure accurate and consistent handling. We used Business Activity Monitoring to deliver process visibility and provided escalation functionality to identify unaddressed exceptions. With the aging of exceptions, we provided a way to pinpoint recurring problems and potentially detect underlying issues.

Because the client wanted to interact with the new process in their proprietary, branded environment, we tied our BPM solution into their existing user interface. As they requested as well, we provided enterprise service bus functionality for robust and flexible integration.

Working alongside us from start to finish, their team gained experience with Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM Suite, and the use of agile development methodologies supported by Atlassian’s Confluence and JIRA. Having seen the value of agile development first-hand, they adopted the approach and have been using it since to shorten development times, keep projects moving forward, and limit code maintenance.

Business Impact:

With a precise, flexible, and transparent process in place for handling exceptions, all trades are processed promptly and efficiently to completion.

Their development team is now comfortable with SOA and BPM development and is using Atlassian’s agile development technologies to tackle projects more flexibly and efficiently. With more options in their toolbox, they can now more easily match their approach to the unique demands of each project.

After trusting AVIO to help, the client has become better adapted, more flexible, and better positioned for competitive advantage in the ever-changing marketplace.