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Who Flipped the BPM Light Switch

Aug 18, 2010 | BPM

It seems that since April, someone has flipped the BPM light switch. I’m not sure if it is the economy, a renewed interested in process improvement, or the comfort level of corporations releasing funds for projects, but the number of projects leveraging BPM seems to be increasing each month. Of course, I’d love to believe Avio is seeing more of these projects simply because our reputation is starting to make its way throughout the market, but I’m not quite ready to believe that yet. Most likely, I think corporations are feeling comfortable with the economic recovery and are beginning to reinstate projects which were put on hold during the “Great Recession.” From a licensing standpoint, BPM was extremely hot before the downturn. However, due to the downturn, it seems a number of the large initiatives were put on hold and attention diverted elsewhere. Now, with a light at the end of the economic tunnel, organizations are beginning to reinstate projects. From a visibility standpoint, it makes sense that BPM based projects would be some of the first projects to receive funding. Because of the transparency and visibility provided by a BPM based approach, the ability to evaluate ROI and KPIs from a BPM based project is much easier than in a standard application development project. Therefore, BPM seems to be a safer investment for organizations currently. In addition, due to the large number of resources let go during the economic downturn, organizations are beginning to evaluate how they are going to scale their operations without a significant increase in their workforce. Again, BPM provides an approach to allow organizations to improve their processes so that they can handle an increased demand in their products and services while maintaining a conservative growth plan for their resources. As part of a growing organization, I’m excited to see the increased demand for BPM related services and opportunities they provide for Avio. I have no doubt that the myriad of projects we are working on will provide some excellent ideas for future blog posts.