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Win Big with MuleSoft Champions

Jan 6, 2016 | MuleSoft

As most developers know, using someone as a lifeline to provide answers to perplexing issues or questions really enables us to get our job done. Sometimes this information is gleaned from blog posts, sometimes in webinars, or sometimes by simply posting the question to a developer forum. Those who provide the answers and shed some insight into the details of the path they’ve already traversed are so appreciated. Especially so when we are up against a tight timeline and/or at our wits end to solve an issue.

As a developer of MuleSoft solutions, leaning on these experts for help is no different. What is different, though, is that those who so generously take the time to blog or answer our questions can be rewarded.

With the MuleSoft Champions program, sharing lessons learned, tips & tricks, best practices, etc. are rewarded. The program is a point based system, whereby points are earned by completing a challenge. Challenges include learning more about MuleSoft by reading a blog or watching a webinar, becoming MuleSoft certified, as well as making contributions to the developer community. Examples of the types of contributions are writing a blog post, speaking at an event, or helping someone out with a MuleSoft related question within a forum.

Mulesoft Champions

The points you earn by completing a challenge can be redeemed for some great prizes. While there is the typical swag that you’d expect (stickers, stress ball, etc.), there are also prizes that will make you want to complete as many challenges as possible. This includes free training, passes to MuleSoft Connect, along with MuleSoft books. Even better yet, there are really cool rewards like a quadcopter with camera, mini fridge, and a 3D printer, among other things!

I encourage all MuleSoft developers, from newbies to experienced to sign up for the program. If you are new to MuleSoft, there are some great blogs and webinars found in the challenges that are very informative. Along with that, there are challenges that will help you engage with others in the development community. For experienced MuleSoft developers, get rewarded for your knowledge.

Check it out!