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Wrestling with ADF on an Oracle BPM Project?

May 13, 2014 | ADF

AVIO has just announced our new hands-on ADF with Oracle BPM Workshop for both ADF and Oracle BPM developers.

It does not matter if you are coming into this workshop as an ADF developer or as an Oracle BPM developer.  This workshop’s purpose is to make it straightforward to connect the two technologies.  The skills acquired are immediately applicable and essential on every Oracle BPM project that uses ADF. 

First, let me just say that Oracle’s ADF is amazing technology.  Don’t know if you might feel the same way, but to quote a friend of mine though – on an Oracle BPM project it sometimes feels like “it makes the hard things easy and the easy things hard”.

Here’s why I’ve felt this pain in the past.  Three years ago, I was on a huge Oracle BPM project for a customer here in Texas.  Even though I’ve been developing projects using Oracle BPM for more years than I care to admit, I have to confess that I was intimidated by the ADF forms that had to be created for the project.  I could create simple auto-generated forms, but going beyond that was still largely a mystery to me.  Just like I was, many developers who have not used ADF before on a project are initially overwhelmed.  Like all powerful tools, there are many facets to it and even those who have a user interface development background still have a steep learning curve.    

The good news on my project was that there were ADF developers available to throw on the project.  While these ADF developers were great at creating web based ADF faces based applications, ironically they struggled with the nuances of getting their forms to work with the Oracle BPM processes and the human tasks that are invoked by its interactive activities (the stuff I knew). 

Despite all of the great ADF books, blogs and videos available today, new developers continue to face exactly the same challenges I did three years ago making ADF work with Oracle BPM.  The essential skills you need to learn back then are just as difficult to acquire on your own today. 

Over the last three years, I’ve been keeping track of the things I struggled with as a developer when using ADF on Oracle BPM projects.   Like anything, once I figured something out or someone showed me how it was done – connecting ADF with Oracle BPM became very straightforward.  The hard part is finding someone who knows how to fill in the missing pieces.

AVIO’s new ADF with Oracle BPM workshop lets me share what I’ve learned.  As many know, this is the workshop I’ve always wanted to create and it captures exactly what I wish I had known from very the beginning.  The lessons help you learn the essential and unique ADF with Oracle BPM skills you absolutely must have on an Oracle BPM project.   

  • You leave the workshop not only with the examples we provide, but also everything you build.  As a result you are easily able go back to any lesson later and review what you learned.
  • Its eleven lessons progressively build on one another gradually into a sophisticated user interface.
  • You do not simply click through the lessons.  You are not only shown what to do, but you are also shown why you are doing it.
  • The hands-on lessons are very easy to follow, they are detailed with many screenshots, and most importantly – the lessons you complete actually work. 

Here is some of the great feedback that we have been receiving from developers who have recently attended it:

  • “This is the ADF training course that I have been searching for.  It is the only one that focuses on how to use ADF with Oracle BPM with practical and easy to follow, but challenging lessons.”
  • “As seasoned Oracle BPM developers with ADF experience we were unsure how much we would learn from the course.  As it turned out, the workshop taught us a great deal, filling in gaps in our knowledge that we did even know we had.“
  • “The entire workshop and the accompanying slides and labs were filled with invaluable notes and best practices.  The course material will be an Oracle BPM ADF book I’ll keep close to me as a reference as we implement 11g in our company.”
  • “Other ADF courses provide wide swaths across the hundreds of capabilities of ADF, but this course taught me how to apply ADF to Oracle BPM which is what I was looking for. This is huge.”
  • “I tried a couple other ADF training courses and I could never get the lessons to work, so I end up abandoning them.  For this workshop, all the lessons work and the build upon each other from lesson to lesson.”
  • “I highly recommend taking this class, whether new to BPM 11g and ADF or an expert as we thought we were.”
  • “Finally an ADF for BPM training course that I can understand and apply to my project.”

If you are wrestling getting ADF to work with Oracle BPM, this workshop is for you.  The skills acquired are immediately applicable and essential on every Oracle BPM project that uses ADF. 

Click here for more information about this new workshop and its content.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions at training@avioconsulting.com.


Dan Atwood