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Documentation. Hardly anybody wants to write it, but it is one of the most important deliverables in a software project.

Something we typically have to learn on our own is how to (1) auto-generate an ADF form and project from an Oracle BPM project and (2) how to reuse the ADF project when subsequently generating more

Others may disagree, but I am a fan of creating the first cut of ADF forms for Oracle BPM using the human task's auto-generation feature.

The purpose of this post is to document, step-by-step, how to create cascading dropdowns in an ADF form's user interface when ADFbc is used.  A cascading dropdown frequently occurs in forms and…

Using SOA/BPM 12.1.3 - By default, a human task has the 'Enable Auto Claim' functionality enabled. 

For the most part, every project has tasks related to code quality and software metrics.