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BPM Without Training is Like Instruction Free Desk Building

Jun 12, 2013 | BPM

Remember back in college when you bought that “easy-to-assemble” desk? You were ready to dig in and put that thing together the second you got it up to the apartment. That desk meant a lot because it would be the foundation you needed to study in an organized and efficient manner. Well, I’m guessing you didn’t throw away the instruction booklet that came with it. Or if you did, I’m betting something came out backwards or upside down.

Just like when you put together that desk, you also need guidance when it comes to BPM. You don’t need a manifesto, with a myriad of confusing and unimportant details—you need real-world, hands-on training that will improve and/or instill solid BPM skills. Training enables you to more effectively leverage your investments and reduce project redundancies before they become a real problem.

Unless you recognize the importance of developing and implementing a comprehensive training program for your organization, you simply will not be able to gain the full benefits of BPM. Just as you shouldn’t be expected to build a desk without instructions, you shouldn’t expect that employees will be able to effectively utilize BPM without some good old-fashioned training.

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