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Expert On Demand: Another Timely Solution From AVIO

May 29, 2020 | News, Videos

AVIO’s new Expert On Demand program adds another layer to the AVIO promise to deliver complete solutions that provide real business value and accelerate enterprise strategy. Expert On Demand provides a fixed number of development hours per month to access a MuleSoft developer or architect.

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How Can My Company Benefit From Expert On Demand?

There’s a variety of situations where companies can benefit from Expert on Demand, including:

  • Companies with smaller MuleSoft teams or those looking for support to cover a shortfall in resourcing due to events like employee resignations, vacations, or extended leaves.
  • Companies going through a merger, acquisition, or some other situation that freezes new development. A full-time developer isn’t needed, but you still need someone you can call on to investigate production issues when and if they occur.
  • Companies that are just beginning their journey with MuleSoft. You’ve been through all the training, but have little real-life experience. You might struggle to know the best application of the technology. This is where having an experienced resource to lean on accelerates your team’s ability to deliver; and deliver quality solutions that avoid refactoring down the road.

Expert On Demand services AVIO customers who are looking for part-time support. If you need more than part-time assistance, your most cost-effective solution would be to contact us about a full time consultant.

And while we work with you to identify and resolve MuleSoft issues and explain recommended resolutions, we don’t consider Expert On Demand a replacement for or alternative to proper training.

How Can I Use My Expert On Demand Hours?

Your hours can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To assist with architecture
  • For hands-on development
  • To configure enhancements
  • For web fixes
  • Advice on best practices
  • For security and risk analysis

What Are Typical Expert On Demand Requests?

Some requests are appropriate for Expert On Demand, while others require a different approach. These type of requests can usually be handled by Expert On Demand:

  • Research issues, looking through MuleSoft logs to track down why an error occurred. This sometimes may result in a code change or writing a support ticket with MuleSoft.
  • Support for in-house developers by reviewing with them the best approach to implement a business process or guidance on a coding approach that may include code reviews.
  • Perform security reviews on APIs to determine exposure to potential risks.
  • Review MuleSoft code for best practices. AVIO has a library of best practices around logging and error handling, so we’re well-positioned to offer recommendations.
  • Provide training sessions on your designated topic. 
  • Enhancement requests to deliver new functionality or changes to current functionality.

Note that this may include providing an initial level of estimates before going on to make those necessary changes.

Expert On Demand doesn’t provide environmental advice or management for infrastructure build-outs. It also doesn’t include proactive monitoring or management, such as responding to alerts from your API. Both of these items would come under the umbrella of our managed service offerings.

How Do I Contact My Expert On Demand?

All Expert On Demand requests are submitted via a ticket through the AVIO service desk, and we’ll guide you through that process.

All work is requested and tracked using the ticket, and you’ll get email notifications when the ticket is updated.

We’ll need an introduction to the people we’ll be working with, then we’ll need access to your MuleSoft ecosystem, so we can review the application profiles and logs. We want to ensure we understand the business processes supported by the MuleSoft application through both discussion and documentation review.

And, if there are any changes to be deployed, we want to understand your processes around change to ensure any work we do applies to your standards; this would include soft controls, and how changes are approved and deployed.

We always send your request to the best resource. And while we do try to ensure you get the same resource for every request, sometimes that’s not feasible due to availability on our end or in the nature of the request.

How Do I Get Started With Expert On Demand?

With Expert On Demand, AVIO continues to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are successful, and work tirelessly to deliver the best possible result.

To find out if Expert On Demand is right for your company, contact us here or by phone at 972-608-477, and we’ll set you up with the right team of experts to create the perfect plan to fit your business needs.