AVIO’s solutions for the Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) can help to ensure process flows are designed rapidly, user interfaces provide the right data, and end-users can access the information they need to make informed decisions.

AVIO Consulting was an early adopter of Oracle PCS, and we’ve aligned our agile methodology to take advantage of the accelerated delivery provided by a cloud-based solution such as Oracle OIC. With our heritage in process-based solutions and process applications, AVIO helps to ensure your citizen developers, business subject matter experts, and IT staff leverage the PCS as robustly as possible.

Our Process

As an Oracle Gold Partner with more than 15 years of Oracle content and experience – specifically integration experience – AVIO Consulting makes the most of agile delivery methodology with a solution-first approach. We can help you manage business processes in the cloud and create your business leveraging Oracle integration’s cloud service so your SAAS applications work just the way you want them to.


AVIO can expertly facilitate discussions and reviews of your processes to best integrate with Oracle PCS, and Oracle ICS can then help you communicate with local and remote applications through rest APIs. ICS integration with Oracle PCS is required beforehand.  

Our team of facilitators will help guide your subject matter experts, process stakeholders, and process users through formal discovery sessions that expedite the documentation, analysis, and optimization of your process management, either using Oracle BPM or the tool of your choice.

Using Oracle PCS, you can collaboratively design processes, provide documentation, and review proposed process automations to optimize your end-to-end procedures.


Through the use of Oracle PCS, AVIO can help you unleash the digital power of your processes. By connecting your processes to your cloud and on-premise systems, you’ll ensure you get the right information, to the right audience, at the right time.

Get Started Quickly

AVIO’s PCS Quick Start program is the springboard to begin orchestrating your cloud-based business processes swiftly and securely using Oracle’s PCS. The AVIO Consulting PCS Quick Start is a fixed, two-week-long engagement consisting of a unique blend of instruction, hands-on development, and mentoring. 

Is Oracle PCS Your Best Option?

At AVIO, we always find the best solution for your business process. When Oracle first introduced the world to system integration solutions and the integration cloud, OIC was a revolutionary concept that gave organizations the tools to improve both the productivity and quality of their operations.

However, as more software and applications have become available and business has become more sophisticated, Oracle integration no longer offers the same benefits.

MuleSoft, on the other hand, provides innovative integration solutions that give you what you need faster, easier, and for a lower cost. Discover three reasons why it might be your best choice.