A major international lender sought to optimize their new generation loan origination, disbursement, and supervision system with a modern and flexible user interface.

Our Client’s Needs

The client’s long and complex processes involve numerous users with different roles and data needs. The system needed to display appropriate user-specific data, while providing easy and intuitive access to other loan and process information. The interface needed to integrate with their other systems to provide a single point of aggregated data access, streamline file linking, and eliminate redundant data entry.

The system also needed  the flexibility  to accommodate future new products with potentially very different process flows and data requirements from their current products.

Our Solution

Using AngularJS and the Google Material Design framework, we created a modern UI with the flexibility to accommodate users’ differing data needs, the integrative capability to unite their various technologies, and the architectural agility to adapt to future business changes. 

Card-based design enables the display of variable data sets corresponding to users’ roles, and access to additional loan or process data is straightforward and intuitive. Integration with  Active Directory creates a single sign-on component, with log-in-based permissions and process cues governing data access.

Six months into the year-long project, the client went through a merger, one result of which was a broad change in the project specifications. Our agile Scrum-based development methodology and the system’s flexible architecture enabled us to completely overhaul the UI over the last half of the project according to their new specifications.

How We Helped

The client’s process management has become more efficient and more productive. Their users engage with the enterprise platform in a modern, intuitive environment that expedites workflow by providing fast and flexible data access. The UI has integrated their systems elegantly to increase productivity by simplifying data sharing and eliminating redundant data entry. 

Pleased with the productivity increases they have realized from the UI’s desktop functionality, the client is currently working on leveraging its v capabilities for use on mobile devices.

Having witnessed the system’s flexibility in the ease with which it was adapted mid-stream to new project requirements, the client is confident in its adaptive agility. Optimizing their enterprise platform with a flexible and sophisticated UI has made their enterprise more productive, more agile, and better equipped to respond to the demands of the dynamic digital marketplace.