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Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer’s New Home Page

Jul 21, 2014 | BAM, Oracle

With the latest release of Oracle BAM 12c (12.1.3), Oracle has completely redesigned the user interface (UI). This is the second post in a four part series of posts introducing this new UI. 

In this post, I will give you a brief overview of the new “Home” page and hopefully provide you with some insight into the redesign and how to navigate within the new UI.

BAM Composer Home Page View

By default the Home page loads what Oracle is calling the Carousel View with a Navigation Pane on the right-hand side. The Carousel View has two horizontal series of thumbnails that show the Most Recent and the user’s Favorites dashboards. To open a dashboard from this view, you simply double-click on its thumbnail. 

The Navigation Pane contains two tabs, Dashboards and Alerts. By default the Navigation Pane loads with the BPMAnalytics project opened. To open a dashboard from the Navigation Pane you simple click-on the dashboard in the list. The Navigation Pane can also be collapsed to provide additional space for the Carousel View.

With the Carousel View you also have the option to switch either of the two horizontal series from Most Recent and Favorites to Start on Launch. You have the option to make certain dashboards start on launch when you open the Home page. 

Switching to List View

In order to switch from the Carousel View to the List View, you simply click-on the toggle button in the top right-hand corner of the view section. From the List View you can mark a dashboard as a Favorite by clicking on the star icon next to the dashboard. Also you can mark a dashboard to Start on Launch by clicking on the play icon next to the dashboard. To open a dashboard from the List View you simply click-on the thumbnail of the dashboard on the left-hand side. By default, the List View only shows the first five dashboards. You can load more items by clicking on the link at the bottom of the list.

Working with the Navigation Pane

You can open a Project from the Dashboards tab by using the pull-down next to the project name, as shown below. A small dialogue box will be displayed and list all the available projects. You can also mark a dashboard as a Favorite and/or Start on Launch by selecting the dashboard and then clicking the star or play icons.

You can also view alert history by using the Alerts. The alert history can be filtered by Alert Name and a Date Range by expanding the Filter by options. You can also clear all alerts by clicking on the Clear All link.

In the next two posts in this series, I will cover the Administrator and Designer pages in greater depth and provide you with further insight into each pages functions, navigations, and uses.