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Don’t Let a Good Idea Get Away

Jul 24, 2014 | BPM

Once upon a time, no one really cared how if their house smelled like lavender after they cleaned it.

Thanks to the scientists behind Febreze and an innovative marketing campaign, now our cars and garbage bags smell like lavender too. Innovation changes everything—down to the very way we live. A wealth of it brings companies to the top. A lack of it drags companies to the bottom.

We’ve all experienced those moments when an idea springs to life that could change something for the better. What usually follows that moment though, is the realization that there are very real obstacles that stand in the way of turning that great idea into reality.

Business innovation, whether product- or process-based, starts as an idea. Imagine what could your business do with more support in place for collective creativity? Today’s leading companies recognize that they can’t just take a piece-meal approach to Business Process Management (BPM) and innovation. They need to develop enduring BPM strategies that support ongoing innovation.

Using a high-quality BPM solution is one of the most effective ways to turn those innovative ideas into reality. BPM technology helps businesses stay relevant by quickly and efficiently implementing good ideas when they happen.  Read our recent newsletter article, BPM: The North Star of Business Innovation Today, to learn more.

Head over to Oracle’s website to watch a couple short videos. A Queensland University of Technology BPM expert discusses the promise of new technologies in Future Innovation Promising with BPM/Mobile/Social/Cloud. See how Boeing’s Global Services & Support division was able to transform supply chain processes and achieve a 38 percent reduction in proposal and development costs with Oracle BPM Suite 11g.