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Stop the Firefighting!

Aug 21, 2014 | BPM

IT and Business Leaders face many challenges with their business applications in 2014:

  • Integration Challenges
  • Acquired Systems and Processes
  • Complex and Changing Regulations
  • Siloed Growth Plans

At the same time, the business demands more investment in growth and strategic initiatives — all with a constrained budget. Many organizations struggle just to maintain the complexity and brittle system integrations, resulting in a constant “firefighting” mode.


The challenge lies in flipping this model on its side and working to “move the spend” from operations and maintenance to more strategic investments. After all, it is very hard to think about remodeling a building or adding on a new wing if you are in the midst of fighting a fire.

upside down triangle

One of the first steps you can take is to invest in an Architectural Assessment exercise with a trusted partner like AVIO. This type of engagement will review key operational, design and procedural aspects of your Oracle Fusion Middleware installation to ensure you are leveraging your existing software investment to its fullest extent. This is critical to not only reduce operational costs but also to prepare you to expand the platform to address new business opportunities.

Next, you can focus on extending the platform.  With Oracle Fusion Middleware, you have a comprehensive foundational integration platform (Oracle SOA and WebLogic) as well as a set of tools and technologies can extend to enable innovation throughout your business:

  • On-Premise and cloud integration
  • Comprehensive security
  • Business process agility with BPM
  • Mobility enablement

This occurs on the same platform, with familiar technologies and access to data you have already exposed.

FMW Platform

One example is in the mobile app space. With your data already managed and exposed with the SOA platform, extending to the mobile channel can occur much easier with tools and technologies already familiar to your team. This reduces cost and builds trust with the business around IT’s flexibility. In addition, integrated and comprehensive security on the platform reduces business risk and lowers exposure.

With technologies like BPM, Cloud Integration, and the Mobile Application Framework, Fusion Middleware will allow you to move your IT spend to more innovative and revenue-focused activities while leveraging your existing investment. Check out this Gartner article on the 2014 CIO Agenda for more background. 

For additional information on extending your Oracle FMW platform, visit the AVIO Academy for courses on how to best leverage your FMW investment.