Enterprise Maps, Value Chain Modeling and Strategy Models – These are all new modeling types that are introduced as part of the Oracle Process Composer in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle BPM Suite. 

Here is a quick, two minute tour of these new modeling types in Oracle Process Composer. 


Types of Modeling

These new types of modeling are a step in the right direction for business to model the high level models and map them to the lower level, executable business models.

Enterprise Maps

Enterprise Maps are the highest level of modeling, level 0. The show lanes and process areas. Some common examples of process areas are Sales, Marketing, HR and R&D. Of course, the process areas in an Enterprise Map will very much depend on the type of organization that is being modeled and the structure of that organization. 

“The Enterprise Map described the primary business functions of an enterprise and the pieces of the organization that perform those functions” – Oracle Process Composer

Value Chain Models

Value Chain Models can be used to model level one and level two types of models. These types of models show how a business or organization start with something and, through a series of steps, add value to that until they have reached the end result. Each of the steps in a value chain can link to another value chain or to a BPM Process model.

“A value chain is a high-level model that categorizes the generic value-adding activities of an organization”  – Oracle Process Composer

While this is a pretty good definition of a value chain modeling, here is another definition from Investopedia which explains value chain models a bit differently:

“A high-level model of how businesses receive raw materials as inputs, add value to the raw materials through various processes, and sell finished products to customers” – Investopedia

Strategy Models

Strategy Models are the third type of modeling introduced. It models corporate goals, objectives and strategies and allows the strategies to be linked directly to a value chain:

“A Strategy Model captures the tactical and strategic goals that drive an organization forward” – Oracle Process Composer

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